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What should I say? Adore is just another tribute site dedicated to another male protagonist from Strobe Edge series. I always wanted to create a fansite for this character since I feel like that he is the Mr. Darcy of the 21st century. When I was able to finish reading the series from raw manga, I decided to make one for him. To be honest, I have always wanted to meet a person like him. I thought that in college did, unfortunately I was wrong.

Since I was approve for his fanlisting, I decided to try and finish a shrine for him. Currently the site is pretty empty and I have no choice but to release the site since the fanlisting must be out already. Let`s just hope that I could finish Adore for Ren-kun ♥

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Ah! I guess this is the last part of the site. Before you leave, if you would like to; give us a link back by using the following buttons below. And also, please do not direct link! Thank you.

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Adore is gladly accepting affiliation with other related fansites. I accept Strobe Edge related fansites and also any shojo male characters. And yes, fanlisting related are very much welcome as well.

Link to inquire? Send me an message using this form.

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