Basic Profile » Ren Ichinose

Ren Ichinose Strobe Edge Name: Ichinose, Ren
Birthdate: October 26
Blood Type: AB
Height: 179cm
Weight: 69kg
Favorite Food: Fried Prawns
Favorite Band: The Specials
Hobbies: nothing much


We first see Ren in the first chapter of the series, of course,! He is the guy from a different class that Ninanko`s (our young protagonist) class gazes at whenever Ren passes by. Of course, any mainstream shojo manga has their own popular and cool bishonen. As for Ren, who is known for being quiet, is what the girls in their school dreams of. He is also quite tall for his young age and gives this matured and reserved personality when you first sees him. As Ninanko told him, he gives this cool aura that anyone who meets him notices right away. Girls in his school tries whatever it takes to be notice, they bump him, shout his name everytime, which would seem annoying, but Ren just let them be.

Facts » Ren Ichinose

01. He wears glasses at home.
02. He's best feature is being straight forward.
03. He is persistent.
04. He is always taken.
05. He is good in Math.
06. He is honest with his feelings.
07. What he says is what he thinks.
08. He treasures his friends.
09. When he is pissed, he shows it.
10. He doesn't know why he is popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was his first love?
→ When he was 13 years old.
Have you ever confessed?
→ his answer is triangle, my guess it means no.
Has someone confessed to you?
→ His answer is circle, Yes
First Kiss?
→ no answer
Do you like someone?
→ Yes

I don't really get the other part of this image since I cannot read Kanji. It seems that it is a spot where you put the name of someone who is cool, cute, interesting.. etc..

Ren Ichinose Strobe Edge

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