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Oh hello! Welcome to Adore! The approved fanlisting and a dedication site for one of the cutest bashful Bishie in the shojo manga world, Ren Ichinose. Ren is the protagonist of the adorable series, Strobe Edge written and drawn by a wonderful shojo manga-ka Io Sakisaka.

Adore is a part of the Last Song Studio and the fanlisting is a part of Last Escape Collective. Adore is a fan made non-profit site dedicated to Ren Ichinose and the series Strobe Edge. We do not own Ren Ichinose nor the series, it is copyright by the respective owners.

Ren Ichinose Strobe Edge

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Navigation of this site are located on the header. As for what you are looking for, here is a small site map of the site describing the links of this content. or as I say, quick links.

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Some other links that I think might be useful if they are located somewhere in the index page of the site.

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